My name is Don Ward, I am a board member of the Northridge West Neighborhood Council, Chair of the Planning Land Use and Zoning Committee, a CSUN graduate, a member of the LAPD Bike Task Force, and a long time stakeholder in the neighborhood where I split my time between our family home on Wilbur Ave. and my work as a website designer at a studio in Hollywood. Though I own a car, two cars actually, I am an avid cyclist and often commute by bike and public transit wherever and when ever I can because it keeps me healthy and agile.

I recently became active in the neighborhood in 2009 when the LADOT posted notices at Prairie and Superior stating that those two crosswalks were to be removed. After multiple speed limit increases and witnessing far too many collisions along our stretch of the road over the years, I felt the removal of cross walks was the last straw. It was yet another move by the LADOT to cut up a friendly neighborhood in favor of flushing more cars through. I decided to get involved and in fact was disturbed at the lack of support from the Neighborhood Council for crosswalks and safer calmer traffic when I went to the meetings. The public on the other hand was not. We argued for a safer friendlier neighborhood, which the LADOT attempted to correct with by implementing the Wilbur Road Diet. I've found through walking the neighborhood that, yes people actually do want to live on a street with calmer more civilized traffic and I'm committed to continuing that fight.