Monday, May 9, 2011

3 High School Students Hospitalized after collision on Zelzah

Three high school students were hospitalized on Friday after being clobbered in a crosswalk by a motorist who was not cited by police reports the Daily News. It makes you wonder what it will take to issue a ticket to someone who does not pay attention while driving. Motorists are to give right of way to pedestrians in a crosswalk. That's the law. If we do nothing to punish drivers who violate the law, the streets will continue to be dangerous for everyone.

Zelzah is of particular interest because of successful moves by the LADOT to increase speed limits on this stretch and other streets in the valley RIGHT NEXT TO SCHOOLS. They got their way. So when will it end? Not long ago Councilman Smith finally got the message and compelled the LADOT to install a better crosswalk on Reseda.

The LADOT allows crosswalks to fade like this one at Zelzah, the scene of the crime.
In fact they actively remove them whenever possible.
Enforcing the rule of law city wide and reinforcing the importance of crosswalks could save lives and money but instead the LADOT chooses to remove them or drag their feet on installing them creating a self full filling prophecy. The less common pedestrian crossing points become, the less likely drivers will be watching out for them, the more likely people will be injured or die, the more likely people will choose not to walk the more obese our nation becomes.

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