Thursday, March 10, 2011

Community Walk! Join US!

Join us and walk to the 
WILBUR VOTE meeting!

Nobel  Jr. High
6pm-8:30pm Tuesday, March 15th

This is the FINAL vote on the fate of Wilbur and the fate of the neighborhood. Don't miss it!

We are asking for everyone to please consider the amount of folks from Porter Ranch who will be attending this meeting by automobile. Let's give them our parking spots and have a good ole' walk through our neighborhood. No one cares if you are FOR or AGAINST the proposed plan. We just want the neighborhood to have a VOICE in this process.

Why the short notice?? 
Despite the howls of disapproval by the both PRO and ANTI Road Diet members of the audience at the March 8th Northridge West Neighborhood council meeting, President Tom Johnson pushed through a motion to announce the meeting with just 6 days of time to get the word out. Many in the audience emphatically concurred that 2 weeks notice is desired but those pleas were ultimately denied by the president and the board. The board first voted 6-6 on the motion having doubts about giving less than a week's notice get the word out... but after more exchange with President Tom Johnson insisting on the short notice provision the motion was passed upon the second vote 7-5. As notified on March 9th indeed, THEY GAVE THE COMMUNITY 6 DAYS.

Let's celebrate this short notice with a walk through this beautiful neighborhood and the hope of preserving it no matter your opinion of the road diet. The community deserves a voice!


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  1. WOW! who does this? what a wonderful idea thank you! see you at Mayall and Wilbur

  2. It is a very cute, creative idea, Don. while I am against the street diet, I welcome coming together with neighbors. Afterall, we must get along, right?

  3. Thank you. We all do get along. We all want the best for the Neighborhood. That's why the neighborhood, for it or against it is invited. See you on the walk!