Monday, March 14, 2011

The Voices of Wilbur.

These are some interviews with pro-road diet people who live in the neighborhood. I gathered these while collecting petitions in support of the Wilbur road diet. Those most supported the new configuration, not everyone I met was for it. Some streets have issues with exiting. My hope is to work with the LADOT and our councilman to fix these issues while maintaining the calmer safer travel speeds that the new configuration has achieved. The first minute or so of this video shows the morning rush hour first in pictures and then with a time lapse camera I put in place during Paul Kirk and Patti Loyola's traffic count.


  1. Great video! Hi, my name is Dalia and I am currently enrolled at CSUN. I am writing a paper concerning the debate that surrounding the street of wilbur. I am hoping you can help me by answering a couple of questions from your take on the issue through an e-mail. I'd really appreciate it. My e-mail is